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The the development prospects of the Pneumatic Jet Chisel

1/23/2013 6:45:19 PM

Domestic Pneumatic Jet Chisel and equipment from the early introduction of digestion to have to manufacture conventional equipment, the provision of basic equipment, has experienced 40 years of development, has been facing improve product productivity, but also has the world quality challenges. Rust mechanical development of the container class contains mainly the following aspects: the suppression of class equipment to improve the mechanical positioning accuracy, the use of good stability, low failure rate and development or even three double gob gob press; pressure blowing class molding process the key to the manufacture of high precision container products, which seamlessly rotary pressure blowing machinery to seek a breakthrough;
The centrifugal molding product materials, reduce sandblasting mechanism to reduce the cost of the mold of an important process, the development of fully automated multi-station centrifugal mechanical hot market; bottle manufacturing machinery is toward the development of high-precision, high-yield; derusting products surface a key technology to improve the quality of the product surface flame polishing, how to improve the precision and degree of automation of the polishing machine to accommodate a large number of mass-produced; transmission between various process of rust removal products are becoming more and more toward automation, requiring fast, able to adapt to the needs of the many varieties more specifications.