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The developing history of electric ventilation fan

1/23/2013 7:36:54 PM


Electric Ventilation Fan has a long history in BC for many years had been manufactured a simple wooden Husker windmill, its basic principle of modern centrifugal fan.
In 1862, Britain's Kyu Bell invented the centrifugal fan impeller, chassis concentric type chassis with a brick, wooden straight blade impeller backward, efficiency is only about 40%, mainly for mine ventilation. 1880, the people used for the mine platoon blowing snail chassis design, and after the curved blade centrifugal fan, the structure has a relatively complete.
France in 1892 for the development of cross-flow fan; 1898 Irish Xiluo Ke-forward blade centrifugal fan design, and widely adopted countries; 19th century, axial fan has been used in mine ventilation and metallurgical industry the blast, but the pressure is only 100 to 300 Pa, only 15 to 25% efficiency, faster development until the 1940s.
In 1935, Germany First Axial pressure ventilator for boiler ventilation and cited wind; 1948, Denmark made the run variable pitch axial fan; rotating Axial Fan, meridian accelerated axial fan oblique circulation fans and cross-flow fan development.