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What are characteristics of air quick coupling

2012/6/4 18:07:41
An air quick coupling:Mainly used for air piping, pneumatic tools, accessories. Corresponding to its use, there are a variety of body materials, sizes and installation of shapes.
Air quick coupling Warming.
(1) Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure.
(2)Please do not use for purposes other than rapid fluid connector.
(3) Do not connected with the other companies producing rapid fluid connector.
(4)Please do not use for the fluid outside the applicable fluid.
(5)Air quick coupling do not use outside the temperature range to prevent causing wear or leakage of the sealing material.
(6) Attached to the debris caused by bad or leak.
(7)Do not man-made hit, bending, stretching, avoid causing damage.
(8)Do not use mixed with metal powder or sand and dust and other places, to prevent bad or leak.
(9)Do not disassemble the quick coupling.