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What should quick coupling be noted?

6/6/2012 5:56:20 PM

Quick coupling is mainly used for general-purpose fuse piping, with the flow, durability, corrosion resistance characteristics. quick coupling body material, size and installation of shape variety.

Note the use of quick coupling:

1.Please do not use for purposes other than rapid fluid connector.

2.Hose firmly into the interface to the roots with a hose belt or nut fixed.

3. In order to prevent the possession of water should be stored indoors.

4. Do not use a cracked hose, to prevent possible leakage and off.

5.Leak check should be carried out before use, there is a leak, you should immediately stop using and use the new replacement.

6. Should confirm that the gas torch valve is turned off before connection.

Warning of quick coupling.

1. Fluid must flow from the sleeve side of the plug side.

2. Use the external thread of control thread with sealing materials.

3. Mounting thread, please do not exceed the maximum tightening torque to prevent causing damage.

4. Please do not use for purposes other than rapid fluid connector.

5. Please do not use for the applicable fluid outside the fluid.

6. Please do not connected with the other companies producing rapid fluid connector.

7. using quick coupling, do not exceed the maximum pressure limits.

8.Do not use outside the temperature range to prevent causing wear or leakage of the sealing material.

9.Do not artificially blows, bending, stretching, avoid causing damage.

10.Do not use mixed with metal powder or sand and dust and other places, to prevent bad or leak.

11. If attached to the debris will result in poor or leak.

12. Use with quick coupling, Please don't used for gas the stranded place

13. Near open flame, please do not carry out the loading and unloading operations.

14. Tempered, please replace with new.

15. Install the hose, never contaminated with oil, to prevent the cause of natural fire.

16. Re-install the hose, the hose end from greater than 3 cm at the cut.